About Us

MESSAGE BOUTIQUE was founded in 1996 starting with its first outlet in Cheras Leisure Mall. The vision of its founder, Ms.Wong, and her team of designers was to create a local brand offering fashion that is of high-quality, at a reasonable price in order to provide Malaysians with fashionable clothing that was designed by and suited to Asians.

Not only are the designs of the items important to her and her team, but also, the cutting and fit of the items, which are tailored to the body measurements of Asians.

20+ years later, MESSAGE BOUTIQUE’s goal today is to provide an assortment of quality, fashionable items that are comfortable to wear in this modern day. Each item’s design, style, cutting, and fabric is handpicked to suit Malaysian women from all walks of life.

MESSAGE BOUTIQUE currently has an office in Cheras and an outlet in Petaling Jaya.

Our boutique is located at:

Petaling Jaya

  • One Utama Shopping Centre, First floor (F201), 03 – 7732 5666
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